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Several variants were introduced over its production life, with improvements and different armament implemented see below. This engine was built by GM ‘s Chevrolet division until production was turned over to Allison. The F could also be fitted with a pair of external jettisonable jet fuel tanks four on the F F beginning in that extended the range of the aircraft. Both the interceptor and fighter-bomber versions carried six 0. Firing at a rate of 1, rounds per minute, [24] the 0. Initial planes were fitted with the Mark 18 manual-ranging computing gun sight. The transition from props to jets was not without accidents and incidents even for experienced fighter pilots. Early on in the jet age some US manufacturers instituted safety and transition programs where experienced test and production pilots would tour operational fighter squadrons to provide instruction and demonstrations designed to lower the accident rate. Each of these design changes impacted the handling and flying characteristics of the F and not necessarily for the better.


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The Local takes home two gongs at media awards. The Local has been named Sweden’s best digital publisher of the year – just a day after its in-house Client Studio took home a bronze medal amid tough competition at the Native Advertising Awards

Corporate Immersion Trip to Copenhagen At Rainmaking, we often talk about how corporates can benefit enormously from working with startups, by leveraging the disruptive potential of collaboration and by accessing the unique units of competition offered by the innovative business models and emerging technology that startups bring. We firmly believe that the greatest value can be unlocked by combining the scale strengths and deep domain knowledge of corporates with the entrepreneurial execution of startups.

Effective execution of corporate-startup engagement projects remains difficult for many corporates in Malaysia, and for those without structured mechanisms in place to access the undoubted benefits of these initiatives, it may be difficult to visualise the kind of commercial impact that well-planned and structured corporate-startup engagements can have on a business.

There is a lot of innovation theatre around, but not so much genuine commercial impact. We deal in the latter. The trip will expose Malaysian corporates to a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, where corporate innovation and corporate-startup engagement are well established and sophisticated in style and scope. Being an ecosystem that is rich in corporate-startup engagement, Denmark has a significant number of exciting startups that work with large corporates like IKEA, Maersk, Tryg, Ramboll and many more.

The Immersion Trip will showcase real-life case studies that demonstrate the level of impact that can be achieved through engagement with commercial pilot programs, venture development, internal innovation programs and ecosystem building. Highlights of the Immersion Trip will include:

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We would like to let you know that University Post uses cookie for statistic purposes. Speed dating in Copenhagen At speed dating, you have just six minutes to size-up your potential partner and turn on the charm image: But with speed dating, finding Danish love may actually be easy by: Joe Short After five weeks of Danish language courses and international student events every other night, the majority of friends I have made in Denmark have been fellow internationals.

Speedy way to meet Danes The difficulty with being an international student is unfortunate but all too inevitable:

The page in ‘Where Ships Are Born’ states that John commenced a shipbuilding business at North Sands in That date may well be incorrect, however, since this fine page, dating from , references him (about 30% down) as being a builder at that location nine years earlier, in , when John was just 18 years old business was at that location until , when Mr. Joseph L.

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Danish Fashion Institute is the Danish fashion industry’s network organization. It is open to all companies with ties to or an interest in the Danish fashion industry. Danish Fashion Institute’s focus areas include industry networking and matchmaking, knowledge-sharing, skills development and transfers of knowledge, individual consulting and mega events, such as the biannual Copenhagen Fashion Week and the recurring conference on sustainability Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

Step aside Berlin, because Copenhagen is now the ‘it city’ in Europe on every tourist’s lips. And rightly so. This urban haven is packed with environmentally conscious cyclists, well-dressed.

Map of Cycling in Copenhagen See urban cycling for general advice on cycling in cities. The first bicycles descended on Copenhagen from France in the s and in the space of just 17 years, Copenhagen became the hot spot of bicycling in Europe, and until the s the cyclists of the city never looked over their shoulder, and their numbers continued to balloon until Henry Ford’s model T, became cheap enough to be sufficiently attractive to appeal to human laziness and yearning for status.

For nearly 3 decades Copenhagen then followed the path of most other cities in the world, and the famous bicycle girl who had adorned the classic tourist posters, withered, and became increasingly unattractive to the city’s populace. It took two oil crises in the s before the citizens of Copenhagen again opened their eyes to her simplistic beauty, and decided to take a different path than their peers around the world.

As Denmark did not have any significant oil reserves a way of preserving fuel had to be found, and urban traffic was one of them. Massive demonstrations to demand space on the roads for bicycles ensued, and slowly but steadily the town hall steered Copenhagen down the road that would lead to Copenhagen becoming one of the leading cities of bicycles in the world, along with Amsterdam. Etiquette[ edit ] While Copenhagen is often hailed as bicycle Nirvana, its not all a dance on roses.

There are more bicycles than people in Copenhagen, so biking in the streets of Copenhagen can, and probably will feel, intimidating for even experienced cyclists, as cyclists mostly bike in a brisk pace without much leeway, in a carefully orchestrated ballet of sorts – It takes very little to mess up the harmony. If you have not biked in a city with the modal share of Copenhagen before, you should probably skip the rush hour 7.

And even outside rush hour there is an etiquette – strictly policed, heavily fined laws – to follow.

Dating Copenhagen for men who are up for some fun.

Even the greatest of grinches has to admit: These 19 cities, with their sparkle and cheer, can make the heart grow three sizes larger. Here, the best places to spend Christmas, from Cologne to Cape Town. This gallery was originally published in It has been updated with new information. Visit one or several of the South African city’s number of holiday markets , or indulge in a five-course, ocean-side Christmas Eve meal at the Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa , featuring local dishes like roasted duck.

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Since our last visit in the fall of , the already vibrant beer scene has exploded. With the vast county now boasting over 60 breweries, Merideth and I focused on quantity during our recent weekend visit to San Diego, kind of like a speed dating version of beer travel. To much fanfare last year, they opened a tasting room, with in-house brews highlighting their different yeast strains. The beers are dispensed from the 32 taps in the very modern, stainless and stone clad tap room. Ideally, each of these brews come from the same batch, easily discernible from the batch number on the electronic tap list.

Merideth ordered three versions of Hefeweizen, all from the same batch. She complimented her four beer flight with a Brown Ale. But that is the future. We visited Hess at their small industrial space near Miramar. The two stars were Helicon, a 5. More of a brown IPA than black, Deceptio had a huge hop presence. And Helicon, with its spicy rye bite, would be in the running for beer of the day.

First stop was Stumblefoot Brewing in San Marcos. Mid afternoon, we had the small tasting room almost all to ourselves.


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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class, formerly known as Sonderklasse (German for “special class”, abbreviated as “S-Klasse”), is a series of full-sized luxury flagship vehicles produced by the German automaker Mercedes-Benz, a division of German company Daimler S-Class designation for top-of-the-line Mercedes-Benz models was officially introduced in with the W, and has remained in use ever.

It encapsulates everything that can be known about that system before an observation; there are no additional “hidden parameters”. The properties of the system are subject to a principle of incompatibility. Certain properties cannot be jointly defined for the same system at the same time. The incompatibility is expressed quantitatively by Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. For example, if a particle at a particular instant has a definite location, it is meaningless to speak of its momentum at that instant.

During an observation , the system must interact with a laboratory device. When that device makes a measurement, the wave function of the systems is said to collapse, or irreversibly reduce to an eigenstate of the observable that is registered. This was particularly emphasized by Bohr, and was accepted by Heisenberg. This principle is called the Born rule , after Max Born. The wave function expresses a necessary and fundamental wave—particle duality. This should be reflected in ordinary language accounts of experiments.

An experiment can show particle-like properties, or wave-like properties, according to the complementarity principle of Niels Bohr.

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Dating Copenhagen is a waste of time if you want to have sex right now. Dating Copenhagen for men who are up for some fun. Denmark is a wonderful country that is probably a bit new to the tourists but it is definitely the right place for men who are looking for a decent vacation in a sweet beautiful place.

Velkommen til Tivoli. Den fortryllende have som byder på alt fra forlystelser, restauranter, teaterforestillinger og koncerter.

Hi guys and welcome to episode 6. This is the place where designers and companies take their products and show to retailers so they can get their designs to the end consumer. The design trade has interesting initiatives like international speed dating. The design trade launched for the first time ever last August and visitors were over people, that is a good start.

As always you can get the show notes and more information at nordicartist. Hi Jacob, thank you for having us. We are based in Bella Centre, a conference hall in Copenhagen, to discuss a new initiative called design trade. Before we dive into the discussion about the fare, please tell us a bit about yourself and what your role is in connection to design trade.

CPHLIVING Floating Hotel Specialty Hotel, Copenhagen

Check out other fun things to do in Copenhagen here. You learn so much about the city from a local, get familiar with the surrounding areas, and ask where the best places to go eat are. Copenhagen was no exception. Our tour guide was great. She told us the best places to go eat, took us to see the changing of the guards, brought us to the oldest street in the city, and told us the history of not only Copenhagen but also Denmark as well.

She took us to the best areas of the city while keeping us entertained and engaged for a few hours.

Popurls encapsulates headlines from the most popular websites on a single page and is also known as the mother of all news aggregators. Invented by Thomas Marban.

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Dating by forward and inverse modelling Computer models can be used to estimate the age along an ice core. The models describe the flow of the ice by taking into account the annual amount of snow in the past and the thinning of the annual layers as they are being compressed by the weight of the snow and ice above. Modelling of timescales is especially useful when the annual layers are too thin to be counted or when an approximate age model is needed.

In the central Antarctic ice cores where the annual layering is non-existent or unreliable due to extremely low accumulation rates, timescale modelling is often the only option, while most Greenland cores to some extent can be dated by annual layer counting. Timescale modelling is in this case used to obtain a preliminary timescale before the ice core has been drilled and analysed, and for dating the deeper parts of the ice where the annual layers get too thin to be safely identified.

Get up-to-the-minute environmentally-friendly (or egregiously unfriendly) car news, reviews, high-quality photos and commentary about living green.

This was my opportunity to meet the Danes, and it was not a nerve-wracking nightmare of failed anecdotes, inopportune sneezes and a twitchy eye, but quite a relaxing way of getting to know someone. At the bar I quickly received a name tag and little card with a pen. Will they be like the diverse breed from my native UK, or will I find a different personality under the small talk? A tick in the box is by no means a love guarantee, it seems. Despite catching the attention of three ladies, no dates materialised.

The best way I found to resolve this conundrum is surely speed dating. We would like to let you know that University Post uses cookie for statistic purposes. Speed dating in Copenhagen At speed dating, you have just six minutes to size-up your potential partner and turn on the charm image: What could be better for meeting Danes quickly and efficiently than a six-minute conversation in a cornered-off section of a lavish restaurant?

Speedy way to meet Danes The difficulty with being an international student is unfortunate but all too inevitable: I courted more conversation on theatre, the arts and literature in those two hours than I had done in months. No, chatting to the locals means you can talk about other stuff, interesting stuff; the city, the people and Denmark itself, and with an experienced mind.

Denmark’s Weirdest Unwritten Dating Rules