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Battle of Long Island

Surveillance outside Ravenite social club. Though never a Gotti crony himself, Ambrosio was once closely affiliated with a member of Gotti’s original Bergen crew in Ozone Park, Queens. Ambrosio, who gets arrested every 10 years or so, was arrested again just two weeks back. He was about due for it.

Jun 15,  · Looking to hook up with Mature 40ish woman on long island what are good bars or clubs I’m 41 Where is the best place to pick up mature woman on Long Island? Looking to hook up with Mature 40ish woman on long island what are good bars or clubs I’m 1 following. 4 answers : Resolved.

Aloha Beer Hall — Nimitz Hwy. Formerly was Lojax and Angles. Shut down in January after being forced out due to a string of crime in the business cluster it was in. Blue Kangaroo — Waialae Ave. In an HPD officer was shot and killed there. My friend and partner. I was working in another sector that night. Our sector sergeant called all of us for a meet. I had to go to a three week training class to learn every cocktail, the exact ingredients, garnishes and glassware to serve.

Once you pass the training, you have to learn how to memorize your entire sections order to memory without writing it down no pens were allowed and call it back to the bartender verbally in a very specific call order by alcohol Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon and last tequila and then beers by imports, domestic and last drafts. I had a credit card carbon copy swiper for charge cards on my tray.

Whatever was left over were my tips.

Inwood: The Bar Scene of Not So Long Ago

Welcome to my surf fishing reports! For booking information call Bill Wetzel at or email: We will discuss Moons, bait migrations, presentations as related to the upcoming season.

Looking to enjoy Long Island Nightlife with a more mature crowd? Check out our 30+ Nightlife for the best fun to find the best Nightlife for 30, 40, and 50 year olds. Enjoy Long Island Nightlife at any age!

Each natural land feature originated through the action of some past or present geologic process. On Long Island these processes can be grouped into three categories – pre-glacial , glacial and post-glacial , depending on whether they occurred before, during or after the advance of a continental glacier onto the Island. Pre-Glacial Pre-glacial geologic events in the Long Island include the formation of the ancient over million year old metamorphic bedrock that forms the foundation upon which Long Island rests, and the deposition of sands and clays on this bedrock 70 million years ago, during the late Cretaceous period.

Surface exposures of the bedrock are widespread in Manhattan and the Bronx but are limited on Long Island to small outcrops in northwestern Queens. The bedrock slopes down to the south and east beneath the rest of Long Island and therefore does not form any significant landforms here. Resting on the bedrock and extending under nearly all of Long Island is a massive wedge of Cretaceous sediments sands, clays and gravels.

This wedge is over 2, feet thick under Fire Island, but it thins towards the north shore and the western end of the Island to pinch out under Long Island’s Sound, western Queens and Brooklyn. The top surface of the Cretaceous reaches elevations above sea level over an extensive area of northern Nassau and northwestern Suffolk counties. The figure below shows the areas above sea level as they might appear if they had not been covered by the younger glacial deposits.

However, because of the glacial cover, exposed Cretaceous sediments are limited to a few scattered localities on present day Long Island.

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Formula E racing comes to Red Hook this weekend, marking the first auto race in New York City since six cars raced from the city to Westchester County back in All-electric Formula E racing comes to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal this weekend, pitting some of the top drivers on one of the sharper courses this season. In fact, the city’s most notable race dates back to

Do you know of an event in Long Island or want to share your own event? Read this before you post. We don’t allow buying or selling of any kind, but you can do so here.

Map Gay Long Island: Suburban delights Long Island is as varied and diverse as most states, crammed into square miles. The most popular vacation destinations in Long Island are the North Fork, with its picturesque wineries, and of course the Hamptons for its privileged beach homes. Other areas to know about are the North Shore, once so famous as home to the rich that Fitzgerald set his novel The Great Gatsby there, and the South Shore, which tends to be more diverse and popular for its beaches.

The west side of the Island is more populated, with the numbers starting to dwindle the further east you go. And you should definitely head east to experience North Fork. Long Beach, on the South Shore is also worth a visit, as it becomes recreated as a hip area of hotels and shops. Long Island is the sort of place that families live for generations. Its close proximity to NYC allow people to maintain comfortable suburban or rural life while still commuting to the Big Apple for work, shopping and culture.

The Long Island gay community tends to be well-established and socialize beyond just the bar scene, though it can feel a bit fractured as it will in any suburban area. Though the nightlife scene isn’t too exciting you’d have to head to the city for that , there are any number of resources and events created by the LGBT community.

Where is the best place to pick up mature woman on Long Island?

December 16, The first word my husband ever said to me was yum. Jeff delivered the verdict with a devilish smile just after stealing a kiss. Still, we left together soon afterward, wandering past the live music and revelers tumbling from other bars onto the sidewalks, escaping the carousal for the quiet side streets of Old Town. The scent of tropical flowers filled the humid air.

Eventually, we wound up on a dock where, against a background of lapping water and clanging halyards, we talked until sunrise.

Whether it’s Spiro’s phenomenal cuisine, its amazing drinks, or its warm, inviting atmosphere, Long Islanders have crowned this extraordinary restaurant and lounge the Best Singles Spot on Long Island for the second year in a row!

A haven for boaters, bathers, and sport fishermen. A source of endless fascination for kids. Its calm surface extends as far as the eye can see eventually narrowing down to almost nothing at the Smith Point Bridge in Moriches. It stretches about 6 more miles beyond the bridge and into Amityville before its name changes to South Oyster Bay. The bay continues 4 more miles before ending at a series of small islands in Seaford.

On the horizon and almost 4 miles away, Fire Island is the only thing that gives a sense of limit to the glorious Great South Bay. As one might expect a body of water this size is a significant part of life on Long Island. Thousands enjoy it for summer recreation, it supports a thriving marine transportation industry, and a few stubborn baymen still earn their living on it.

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Also, the Brooklyn neighborhood already has so few restaurants , and they all do something different. But here are the most compelling of the bunch. Pizza Moto Hamilton Ave. Service might be slow, and during busier dinner services, the staff might not pick up the phone altogether.

Vacant Brooklyn lot could be site hook up bars long island mass grave for Revolutionary War soldiers, bottomed boat used for the invasion of Long Hook up bars long island. Is a large granite boulder with a brass plaque affixed, general Clinton learned of the almost .

A bike ride on the boardwalk. Sticky buns with your morning coffee. The best restaurants , unlimited nightlife, bars for every age and every budget. Party Boats leaving the Marina at 6AM sharp The beach house of your dreams just showed up in Real estate for sale. Bed and breakfasts that serve a real breakfast. Do any words come to mind?

The New Jersey Shore. Welcome to the New Jersey Shore. The cute little blue fellow at the right is NewJerseyShore. Navigate the New Jersey Shore from any town’s home page by simply clicking on the town name at one of the four points on the compass and let Darwin be your tour guide. He’ll show you the best maps, beach badge info, real estate listings , restaurant guides and recreation ideas anywhere on the New Jersey Shore. The compass above is just an example.

The Absolute Best Hookup Bar in New York

Here are our favorites in the city, and note that no, it is not a coincidence that most of these are in Murray Hill, the East Village, or Williamsburg, now the Murray Hill of Brooklyn. May the L train have mercy on our souls. No matter how much Williamsburg has changed over the last decade, it’s nice to see some things stay the same—Union Pool is still the number one hook-up bar in Brooklyn, a title it’s held at least since It’s hard to know exactly what makes this place such a draw for singles—is it the taco truck?

The heat lamps on the outdoor patio?

“I go to Dutch Kills ( Jackson Ave between Dutchkills and Queens Sts, Long Island City, Queens; , ). I like that it’s a cocktail place, and bespoke cocktails at that.

No name is given to this inlet, but it is clearly the only entrance into Little Egg Harbor Bay and to a small seaport village known today as Tuckerton. South of this unnamed inlet there is another barrier beach on the chart. Other maps of the period call it Short Beach. It was the custom then to name uninhabited barrier beaches after either the nearest inlet or some obvious physical feature; thus Barnegat Beach was also known locally as Long Beach or Eighteen Mile Beach, and its southerly neighbor, being about one-third the size, was called Short Beach.

Ephraim Morse was the first known settler on Short Beach. As early as the s he was grazing cattle on its thousands of acres of salt hay and, to supplement his income, he used his dwelling on the edge of the bayside marshes as a grocery for stormbound mariners who often sought shelter inside the inlet in the deep channel behind his island.

Short Beach was also, with its easy access to splendid ocean bathing, an ideal location for health- and pleasure-seekers, making it the first seashore resort on the New Jersey coast. Morse did well for several years until tragedy struck.